What is CollaborWrites?

CollaborWrites is a personalized proofreading, editing, and coaching service directed primarily at doctoral students (but not exclusively). CollaborWrites is an "approved" editor for both Pacifica Graduate Institute and Argosy University; CollaborWrites is authorized to sign Argosy's Dissertation Approval Form. 

CollaborWrites offers a highly personalized service and therefore is not a "high volume" operation. My work with clients is collaborative: I interact with clients via email, phone, or in person. I "listen" to their experiences and discuss their research. As a counselor/psychotherapist (my other profession), I find that I am often "supporting" and "coaching" my clients as they make their way through the dissertation process. These relationships are mutually beneficial and from them the concept of "collaborwrites" -- which merges collaboration and coaching with proofreading, editing, and transcribing -- was born. 

CollaborWrites focuses not just on proofreading, editing, and transcribing, but on the process and journey as experienced by each individual. I have on-going clients with whom I have worked for years as they navigate the doctoral process. Frequently, I start by transcribing a client's research interviews and stay with that client through to defense and publication. For those who want a collaborative or "team" approach, I'm a good fit. 

I started CollaborWrites informally while I was a full-time doctoral student, transcribing research interviews for my professors. A speedy typist, I enjoyed the flexibility and extra income transcribing at home provided. That effort quickly expanded to include proofreading manuscripts as well. Soon, I was editing my classmates' proposals and dissertations or transcribing their research interviews.

In the past eight years, CollaborWrites has grown and evolved. My doctoral studies are now complete. Transcribing took a toll on my wrists and hands and I no longer transcribe in large quantities. Increasingly I serve as a "coach" for my clients on their road to completion. My client based has expanded as well. Whereas my initial clients were students and faculty from Colorado State University, I now provide editing and transcription services to students and faculty across the U.S. -- from California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Texas, Washington, DC, and Wyoming -- as well as abroad.  

One client wrote
"...without your support, 
I could not cope."

Another wrote
"...without your help,
it would be a real mess."

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