Fees and Contact Info
I charge a flat fee of $45/hour billed in 15 minute increments; phone and email communication are billed at the same rate. I charge a one-time "client set-up" fee of $45.00.

For clients who seek a longer term or on-going relationship, I offer a reduced hourly fee so long as a retainer is maintained. 

I have done a good deal of research in order to determine this approach. What I found is that some services charge by the page for basic proofreading and increase the cost-per-page for additional services, i.e., checking/reconciling references, more involved editing, etc. I find this too complicated. Also, you really can't read a document and not read/check the references or make comments about the style or voice. So that's why I charge a flat fee. I've been a consultant and I used to work for lawyers, so I am more than familiar with billable hours and am very efficient with my time.

Payment: I accept payment via PayPal, which allows for online/electronic payment via either credit card or your bank.

Deposits: I require a $150 deposit.
Expenses: Any expenses incurred (printing/copying/ postage) will be directly charged to the client. I don't apply overhead or use a multiplier.
Billing: I bill monthly and payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Some clients choose to maintain a retainer outside the deposit against which work is charged.

Argosy University Clients: Argosy University clients shall pay the outstanding invoice prior to me “signing off” on the Argosy Dissertation Approval Form. 
"Rush" Charges: Most of my work occurs over many weeks or months, which allows me to plan, schedule, and work on numerous projects simultaneously. Because I value the flexibility of my work, I do not apply additional charges for weekend or evening work. Occasionally, however, a client needs a project completed very quickly, requiring an adjustment to numerous schedules. In those instances, projects that require a turnaround time of less than three days will be charged a 25% "rush" charge.

Estimates/Quotes: People often ask, how much time will this take? Many are facing impending deadlines for defense, others are trying to use their resources as efficiently as possible. Each project is highly individual so I can really only provide an educated guess, based on previous projects. Below are some examples of work done/time spent to give you an idea.

For editing, I've worked on an "essentially final" (in this case all committee members had reviewed but formatting tweaks were needed) 133-page dissertation that took 5.5 hours; I did a final review of a 145-page dissertation, including references, that took 10.5 hours; I proofread and edited a "draft" 170-page dissertation, twice, for a total of 25 hours; and I formatted a 15-page reference section in 6.5 hours.

I am happy to work with you to provide an estimate for your specific project.

CONTACT CollaborWrites

I can be reached via phone, email, or fax to discuss your needs or for an estimate/quote.
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